Happy Halloween!

Readers! Many apologies for the lack of posts lately. I hand surgery a few weeks ago, and am finally able to bake again!

This week, I created some super cute Halloween cupcake toppers, including ghosts, witch hats, and pumpkins. The toppers are made from fondant, and dusted with pearl dust. The ghosts are definitely my favorite :)


LikeItSpicy said...

Hey Kristen:

Long time. These are simply adorable. Makes me wish I had thrown a Halloween party.


Kristen said...

Hi Keerthi!! Thanks for stopping by :) How are things??

Devin said...

babe, these were absolutely delicious, as they always are. The ghosts were adorable and possibly one of my favorite cupcake toppers you've ever made. not as intricate as the handbags, but cute and very fun looking.

did i mention the stuff did NOT disappoint in the deliciousness category?!

blancommelelinge said...

hello from France!
very nice blog and cakes. What is "fondant" made of? have you got a recipe? I don't know where to find some in france...thanks