Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mamas out there!  I hope that your day is relaxing, beautiful, and filled with love and sweet treats (of course).  What could be more perfect than a chocolate cake with vanilla bean creme filling with lots of pink ruffles to top off a wonderful meal? 

How are you celebrating Mother's Day this year?  If you haven't quite figured out dessert yet - check out the recipe for my creamy Meyer Lemon Tart on the Pure Joy Events blog (Part I // Part II)!

Unfortunately, my sister and I will not be able to spend Mother's Day with our mom this year; instead we'll be on a little road trip, driving from Missouri to Boston.  Definitely looking forward to getting home to give my mom a great big hug, and remind her just how much she is loved :)

Pssstttt - only a few followers to go before I reach 100 - which means that my give away is going to happen soon (see this post for a few details...)!


lisa is cooking said...

That's such a pretty cake for Mother's Day! The meyer lemon tart sounds great too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers day!!! That cake looks simply divine, chic and beautiful! Have a safe trip.

Kristen said...

Thanks Lisa and Elle Marie! I just can't get enough of the ruffles ... and the lemon tart is pretty easy and amazing. Definitely a must try :)

Unknown said...

this is gorgeous! i've never seen anything like it! LOVE.