Jenni & Romain's Wedding Cake

This post is LONG overdue!  This past April, my dear friend Jenni married the love of her life, Romain, in Ohio.  Since Jenni and I met in cake decorating class several years ago, it only seemed logical that I make the wedding cake for this very special occasion.  So, my husband and I packed up a suitcase full of cake-making supplies, and hopped on a plane to Ohio!

Jeff and I took over Jenni's parents' kitchen for several days (thanks again to them, for the space, farm fresh eggs, and the company!), and on Jenni and Romain's big day, we delivered a gorgeous damask cake, adorned with fresh spider mums, to a beautiful train museum - the perfect location for their travel themed reception. Guests chose from 4 different flavor combinations - chocolate cake with chocolate ganache,  chocolate cake with cappuccino cream filling, white velvet cake with raspberry filling, or white velvet cake with fresh strawberries.  It's a bit rare for me to be able to have an actual slice of a cake made for an event - I think Jeff and I *may* have had the chance to sample a sliver of all of the flavors :)

You'll also notice some perfect French macarons in the photo above - Jenni, who is a pastry chef (in Paris, I must add!) somehow found the time to make macarons and buckeyes for the reception while trying to get everything finalized for the wedding.  Definitely a fun way to bring the French and American together through sweets.

And how did the cake taste? I think the above photo sums it up nicely!  Congratulations, Jenni & Romain - we can't wait to visit you in Paris!

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