Andrea's Housewarming!

As promised last weekend - here are some more party details!

My best friend Andrea just moved into an *amazing* new apartment, and of course we had to celebrate!  And what better way to do so than with a dessert party?

Andrea has a black, white, and red theme to her decor, so we decided that we would do the same for the dessert table.  The sweets included: chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, chocolate macarons, coconut mini cupcakes, and chocolate and vanilla cake pops, dipped in white and milk chocolate.  I added red and white rock candy, and candy sixlets for a little bit of extra flair.

The party was a huge hit, and Andrea- I am so glad that you are so happy in your new home!


Devin said...
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Unknown said...

You are absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you for everything!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!

Unknown said...

what are the 3d paper flowers on the wall and where can i get them??

Kristen said...

Hi Ali! Thanks for stopping by :) The flowers on the wall are made from tissue paper, and I made them myself. They're super easy to make; take a look at this tutorial: You can also buy them from places like Etsy, and I think Martha Stewart (and probably others) sell kits.