Rose wedding cupcakes

I hosted another wedding cake tasting this past weekend - red velvet with cream cheese icing, chocolate with raspberry and chocolate ganache filling, and white velvet with strawberry buttercream filling - chocolate and white velvet were iced with Italian meringue buttercream. They were all decorated with fondant roses and other small flowers, and sugar pearls :)

A few pictures ...

I also made a special treat for my co-workers :) Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling, iced with Italian meringue buttercream, with fondant flowers:


Kristina said...

Hey Kristen!
Thanks for hosting me, my cousin and aunt this past weekend! Everything was delicious and I am so excited about Alison possibly doing a cupcake tower. I think it would be amazing! Thanks again.

Kristen said...

Kristina -

You are very welcome, and it was my pleasure! :) I'm so happy that you all enjoyed everything!

Wishing you all the best,

Devin said...

amazing as always, babe! and, delicious, of course ;-)

Kristina said...

We enjoyed it so much, I dedicated my most recent blog posting to the tasting! Took advantage of the pictures we took!