A princess birthday

Chocolate cupcakes and princess made for a 4 year olds birthday :)

Cupcakes, with vanilla buttercream, fondant butterflies and flowers.

The princess! Covered with fondant, and decorated with sugar pearls and fondant flowers:

Dress detail:


Devin said...

stunning as usual. i didn't get to see that detail in person before it left the house, but it's pretty awesome.

very nice work, babe. constantly impressed.

Creative Classroom Core said...

My daughter is 4, and she would go NUTS for this cake! The pearls and other details are really incredible. You can really see how much work you put in. Thanks for sharing!

Ive seen other doll cakes before, but this is definitly the best Ive seen. It REALLY looks like a dress, not a cake made to look like a dress. AWESOME :)